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The Broley Homestead* is a small farm and plant nursery in Ramseur, NC. We are third generation iris growers and specialize in unusual perennials, annual flowers, and heirloom vegetables. Our family, our plants, and our customers are intrinsically linked. Our common purpose: to preserve, to support, and to sustain.

PRESERVE: Our gardens preserve a lifetime collection of family iris and maintain genetic diversity in other plant species.

SUPPORT: Our efforts support our family, our community, niche seed suppliers, independent garden centers, local farmers markets, small businesses and the American Iris Society.

SUSTAIN: Our choices promote sustainable practices in agriculture and horticulture, and benefit the generations that follow.

Our online farm market is open from January through June for potted irises. July through September for bare-root rhizomes. 

*The Broley Homestead is a North Carolina registered nursery.  At this time, our license only permits the sale of nursery stock within North Carolina. As our production capacity increases, we plan to become a certified nursery and begin selling and shipping to other states.

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